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Me (Stefan) and my wife (Shawntel) have three children Kathryn, Monroe, and a baby boy on the way! Ministry has been at the forefront of the our lives for our entire adult life since serving in Southeast India shortly after we got married at 19-years-old. We have helped to plant a church in Bourbon, MO where I (Stefan) was on on staff for four years.  In addition, we have helped in planting a local youth center in the community of Sullivan, MO, where we both dedicated much of our time investing in the youth and where Stefan was on staff for three years, before moving to West Africa. While investing our time and efforts into the youth center, we were always aware of the need of the youth to have their physical and spiritual needs met. In a two year time we have had 5 foster kiddos in our home, with ages spanning from 11 to 16 years old. Our heart is for people, especially the lost and the youth.  



We are currently serving in West Africa as of January 2021! We are enjoying our time in language school and adapting to the culture. Our daughter, Kathryn, is in a local school and is making friends each day and loving her time with her teacher and peers. Our son, Monroe (bouba) is loving his nanny who he spends 8:00am - 1:00pm while the Wehmeyers are in language school. We will be helping to plant a soccer academy under the direction of Buena Vista Sports Academy.  The soccer academy will be planted in a small village on the outskirts of our new country and we are excited to move out there and begin transforming lives for the Gospel there! Our goal is to reach young men for the power of the Gospel through soccer. Soccer is not the main goal! Soccer is simply a tool to bridge the cultural differences between us and the locals as we share with them the good news about Jesus the Christ. 

Wehmeyer's village


Wehmeyer's adoptive family

Adoptive family

Future soccer field

Future Soccer Field


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Spiritual growth for both Pastor Stefan and his wife Shawntel.

Spiritual growth over their kids.

Spiritual readiness for the residents in West Africa

Families back home in the United States. 

Financials from partners and one-time supporters

Safety over the Wehmeyers while in Africa.