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"If you want to go fast go alone,
if you want to go far go together."
- African Proverb

Dear Family of Supporters, 

Man it was a CRAZY first few years in Africa! In our first year we have seen a lot of ups and a lot of downs, a lot of Hills and A LOT of valleys... we want so say, "Thank You!" to our supporters, family, and friends for encouraging us to persevere in that first year. Without you the ability to stay in spite of the difficulties would have been impossible. God has divinely grafted together this team (us and you) to allow us to carry the Gospel to people in West Africa. 


We have been praying for another missionary family to come join us in our ministry to help share the Gospel to people here in West Africa. God, in His infinite wisdom, has not provided that team as of yet and at first that was super discouraging. However... He is grafted a very unique team of local believers together to help us carry the Gospel to believers in West Africa. We have officially hired a local believer to work full-time starting in February of 2022. 



We are needing to fundraise monthly support for our ministry budget here in West Africa though your support and prayers. 

$1,000 monthly budget which will include: 

  • Housing and Offices

  • Leo's Salary 

  • English Class

  • Theology Class

We are excited that Leo is starting Language and Theology class to best serve the Kingdom and the people here in West Africa. It is an important and difficult feat but we are encouraged by his willingness, excitement, and strength in the Lord. We are also raising an additional $1,000 for a laptop for staff here in the academy that will make classes for staff easier and they will keep the laptop here in the office. 



·    There are two ways to give to the Wehmeyers, either through Grace City Church (sending church) or through BVSA (missionary sending organization). Since we have people that give through both mediums you are welcome to give through either for this academy. 

** However, CTEN is our preferred option of giving for academy purposes**

·    Online on the CTEN website here.

Please specify it's for "Africa Academy"​·  

·    Online at Grace City Church here

·    By Check or Cash including a note indicating your preference to support the ministry of Stefan & Shawntel Wehmeyer for "Wehmeyer Africa".

For Check:

10729 North Service Road

Boubon, MO 65441

**include a note indicating "BVSA West Africa"**


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