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Wehmeyer Fundraiser

$25,000/ 25,000

13 Because of the proof given by this ministry, they will glorify God for your obedience to your confession of the gospel of Christ and for the liberality of your contribution to them and to all, 14 while they also, by prayer on your behalf, yearn for you because of the surpassing grace of God in you. 15 Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! - 2 Corinthians 9:13-15

Dear Family of Supporters, 

We want to first say thank you for all of your support thus far in every avenue, financially, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. Without you we could not be serving in West Africa to bring the Gospel to the other side of the world. We are eternally grateful for your investment into the Kingdom and in our lives. 

We are enjoying our time with our ministry leaders in West Africa, Brock and Kerrie Johnson, as they continue to pour into us and train us for the future soccer academy. They are flying out at the end of May to go back to the states and to visit the other soccer academies in Honduras and Guatemala and won’t be back for a while. They are leaving us to finish our language studies and secure a place for ministry in our future village. Things will be a little harder after they leave, but we are up to the challenge ahead of us! It will be a hard time to say goodbye because they are our only community right now and our kiddos, especially Kathryn, is very close to their daughter Luci (age 8). Please be praying for Kathryn’s heart as she faces another hard goodbye this year, we aren’t ready to see her sad again honestly. 

Life in West Africa has been enjoyable for us and we are adapting quickly, as well as very… interesting. We are reaching out to ask you, our family of faithful senders, for a special donation for two expenses coming up this year: a vehicle and security training (details below). We have found that living here without a vehicle is very difficult and not ideal (obviously)! This reality was heightened greatly whenever we traveled 10 hours to our small village last week and witnessed the conditions of the roads and the trip that it truly took. 



Once the Johnsons fly back to the states, they are willing to sell us their truck for a FRACTION of what they bought it for. We are asking for 25,000 USD for the 4x4 Dodge Ram that has less than 60,000 miles on it. After we talked with our missionary board from Grace City Church, we have decided to attempt to raise the funds for this truck so we can have a reliable family vehicle in West Africa that can accommodate all FIVE of us and get us safely to our village whenever we move there and visit before then. 

·    We are asking that you and your family would pray about giving a one-time gift that is above and beyond. 




SECURITY TRAINING: (danger in our area)

The second expense coming up is a CCI (Crisis Consulting International) security training located in Rye, NY, on August 24-31, 2021. This is paramount due to recent riots in our community and a terrorist cell uncovered 50-miles from our village. 

·    Political Unrest: last month we experienced riots, looting, burning, explosions, riot police, tear gas, etc. due to political upheaval in our community. We kept this quiet, only telling a few select prayer team members and the missions board of Grace City because we did not want to cause worry and panic as we were new in our community. In the future we will be more transparent about dangerous situations in and around our area. However, we had several people who were battling fear for us moving here already and we desired, with the guidance of our Missions Board, to spare their feelings in this season. 

·    Terrorist Cell: there was a terrorist cell that was shut down with several arrests 50 miles from our new village. This threat shows us two things. First and foremost, it shows us that our local government is active in searching militant groups and other dangers. This gives us peace as our country has been historically a place of peace for all religions. Secondly, it reminds us that the threats are real and the need to be trained as much as possible in how to do life in boldness of the Gospel, while also keeping the family safe. We do not want to leave out of fear of danger; however, we want to make all of the wisest decisions possible to keep our family safe and this is what the training is all about. 

The seminar costs $500 per person and the flight will be around $1,500 and I (Stefan) will go alone and leave Shawntel here with my mom since she’ll be 8 months pregnant. 

BVSA (Buena Vista Sports Academy: Brock, Kerrie, and their daughter Luci mentioned previously) will be paying for accommodations, all meals at accommodations, all ground transportation, and free-day activities. So we are only responsible for paying for our flight ($1,500) and the cost of the actual seminar ($500). 




At the end of the day, we are asking to start a fundraiser to raise the total $27,000 USD. This will allow us to completely buy the vehicle from the Johnson’s and not risk flagging down taxi’s and paying $20 to go down the street (this was awful, they charge us more because they know we’re not from here), and to help train myself (Stefan) how to continue to keep his family safe from all the possible threats that await us in the future. It is also important we raise a few extra thousand dollars for future maintenance on our truck. 
THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for praying about allowing the Lord to stretch you in this way as He has continued to stretch us as well. 



·    There are two ways to give to the Wehmeyers, either through Grace City Church (sending church) or through CTEN (missionary sending organization). Since we have people that give through both mediums you are welcome to give through either for this fundraiser. However, CTEN is our preferred option as it makes it easier for us to receive.

·    Online at CTEN to donate to Wehmeyers directly

oPlease specify it's for "Wehmeyer Fundraiser"​

·    By check to CTEN 

                (Mail a check made payable to Commission to Every Nation (or CTEN) to and also include a note indicating your preference to support the ministry of Stefan and Shawntel Wehmeyer):


                PO Box 291307

                Kerrville, TX  78029-1307


·    Online at Grace City Church here

·    By check or Cash including a note indicating your preference to support the ministry of Stefan & Shawntel Wehmeyer for "Wehmeyer Fundraiser".


CCI Security Field Training:
For nearly 40 years, Crisis Consulting International has been a world leader in the industry of international security training. They specialize in assisting faith-based organizations avoid, and manage, crisis situations and threats associated with the highest risks in your country. Some examples include kidnap and ransom, hostage situations, terrorism, active shooters, car ambushes, gang violence, sexual assault, and extortion. They will also train how to keep your facilities safe, maintain a low profile, and wisely manage your online presence. 

As missionaries serving in dangerous places, we know there are risks, including potential loss of life. This training is an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the world regarding how to stay as safe as possible, and how to respond in the moment. You can learn more about CCI at 




p.s. We want to encourage all people that giving to your local body is of utmost importance. If you decide to give in this way to the us we will be eternally grateful. However, we also want to encourage first giving to your local body because we believe in the work of the local body in the States while we’re serving in West Africa.