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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

I (Pastor Stefan) and my wife (Shawntel) have two children Kathryn and Baby Monroe and are expecting our third baby in September (2021). Ministry has been at the forefront of our lives for sometime. In recent years we have aided in planting a local church in Bourbon, MO where Stefan has been on staff. In addition, they have helped in planting a local youth center in the community of Sullivan, MO, where we both have dedicated much of our time investing in the youth and where I (Stefan) has been on staff as well. While investing our time and efforts into the youth center, we were always aware of the need of the youth to have their physical and spiritual needs met. We have had a total of 5 foster kids in their home in the past two years, with ages spanning from 11 to 16 years old. Our heart is for people, especially the lost and the youth.

In 2019 we felt a burden on their hearts to reach people in a different geographical context. After months of prayer and consideration over multiple ministry opportunities worldwide, we felt a certain pull to West Africa. We will be locating to serve Jesus Christ in West Africa in May of 2020! We are excited to reach people in a context that will challenge them in all areas of strength; spirituality, mentally, physically and emotionally. We will be helping to plant a soccer academy under the direction of Buena Vista Sports Academy. Our goal is to reach young men for the power of the Gospel through soccer.

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